Terms n Conditions

Like other websites “imoinstall.com” has a page of ‘Terms n Conditions’. It is very important to make a terms n conditions page make a well-known website. So imoinstall.com has a page of “Terms n Conditions” Page. Please, follow these terms n conditions before done a post or comment.

Rules for Contributor/Author:
1. This is a technological website. So you should post about technology/Computer (PC)/Internet/blogging/SEO etc.

2. You should post a 100% unique post. Please don’t share/post-copy-paste article.

3. Porn, porn website or porn related links sharing is 100% forbidden of imoinstall.com.

4. Post/Article language is only English. In the special sector, to understand something better any, one can use another language word. But you should use above 96% English word.

5. You can post a biography about a Messenger/Prophet or Scientist. But it is 100% forbidden to post a biography about a singer or an actor.

6. While an author/contributor post an article; He owns his post and will be responsible for liabilities.

7. Don’t share any kinds of crack or keygen/serial.

8. Do not post an article only for campaign your product or website/blog or other things.

9. Don’t use any kinds of Abusive, obscene, vulgar, provocative, indecent or objectionable words/sentences on your post.

10. Any person/group/website/blog/community/organization or religion or spoil the image of a ride that can not be
expressed in writing.

11. ‘imoinstall.com’ hate the purpose of the political campaigning post. Do not post an article about any political matter.

12. Minimum 150 words are required to post an article. Otherwise, your post will be deleted.

13. To make something better, imoinstall.com can editing, correction or modification of your article.

14. Above terms, n conditions must comply with our author/contributor.

Rules for Comments:

1. Insulting, Vulgar, Obscene, Provocative or Suggestive in any offensive words or sentences don’t use, please.

2. Please, do not make a comment in immoral;

3. Your comments cannot be ignored by anyone;

4. Your comments cannot be ignored or misprize any religion;

5. Spamming comments are 1000% forbidden in imoinstall.com.

6. If someone is trying to build spam backlink, the spammer will be banned with his IP;

7. Everyone of a visitor should respect each other to build a comment;

8. Please build comment only in English. In another language comment will be deleted from this site;

9. Above terms, n conditions must comply with visitors and many others.

* imoinstall.com reserves the right to change the above policy at any time.
{N.B: Text, photos, comments or other things (published in this blog); the author shall bear the responsibility.}